Michi Ramen at North Austin Trailer Yard (NATY)

12 May

UPDATE: Michi Ramen is closing their trailer location on June 17. Per Michi Ramen’s Facebook page:

“As of June 17th, Michi Ramen will be closed indefinitely. As a 2-man operation, cooking in a kitchen down south and serving from a truck up north is realistically unsustainable. That said, we are actively searching for a brick-and-mortar space of our own. Relocating will bring about much-needed changes and hopefully lead to a proper ramen-ya in Austin.”


The North Austin Trailer Yard is having their grand opening party today. I stopped by last night to check out the converted space in the middle of the giant Hobby Lobby/Planet Fitness parking lot at Anderson and Lamar. What really piqued my interest was a tweet from @AustinNATY about Michi Ramen joining the fun.


Michi Ramen’s menu is simple. Every bowl of tonkotsu ramen is currently served in their homemade pork broth (a result of a 20+ hour cooking process), and you simply add the toppings you’d like. The top of the menu has some combination suggestions (for those who are unsure of what combination of toppings to get). I ordered a bowl of the simply named “ramen” which comes with two slices of chashu (braised pork), woodear mushrooms, onions, and blackened garlic oil.

This phone photo doesn’t do the rich broth justice. This is dense, rich, milky, so viscous that it sticks to your ribs kind of pork broth! I’ve only had ramen at a few of places in Austin, but this definitely ranks up there as one of the best. The ramen, flown in from California and never frozen, has the perfect al dente texture.

Michi Ramen plans to have a chicken-based broth on their menu soon.

The North Austin Trailer Yard also features several other trailers that I hope to check out soon (Snarky’s sandwiches, KraK2 gourmet donuts, Genuine Joe’s Coffee, Big Fat Greek Gyros, and The Dog Pound hot dogs and shaved ice.)

Michi Ramen
1012 W. Anderson Ln
Austin, TX 78757


One Response to “Michi Ramen at North Austin Trailer Yard (NATY)”

  1. gold price 06/17/2012 at 7:15 am #

    Remove the pork from the pot, and let the broth cool to room temperature. Use the pork in shoyu ramen, miso ramen, or chilled ramen (hiyashi chukasobk.) Reserve the broth for making sweet simmered bamboo shoots (menma,) another ramen topping. The broth is also an important ingredient in shoyu ramen.

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