The Best Little Soup Dumpling in the World

13 Dec

It’s been quiet around the blog lately as my busy semester comes to an end today.  But I did want to share a few photos from my better half, who spent the last week in the Shanghai area and squeezed in a visit to Jia Jia Tang Bao.  If you’re a fan of the soup dumpling (xiao long bao, shorthand XLB for true enthusiasts), you’ve probably heard of this little joint, regarded by many as the best XLB in Shanghai (which translates to best XLB in the world?)  As a child, I visited my grandparents in Shanghai every summer and grew up obsessed with this particular type of dumpling.  The last time I had the pleasure of visiting Jia Jia Tang Bao was back in 2007, and can still remember the richness of their crab and pork dumplings, semi-translucent thin skinned dough with orange crab oil oozing out the top.  I don’t know of any restaurants in Austin that serve this, but long for the day when my tastebuds are reunited with the gushing hot soupy filling in these little delicate sacks of crab and pork.

Jia Jia exterior (Liyuan Lu location):

Jia Jia employees making XLB:

Pork soup dumplings in their steamer:

Hello soup!  Note that authentic XLB doesn’t employ soy sauce for seasoning the filling (soup is almost clear, not brown).

That last photo is food porn at its best for a soup dumpling enthusiast like me.

Jia Jia Tang Bao
62 Liyuan Lu near Nanchezhan Lu
Shanghai, China
(Google Map)

Jia Jia also has a more popular location near People’s Square at 90 Huanghe Lu near Fengyang Lu.


One Response to “The Best Little Soup Dumpling in the World”

  1. seymore 03/07/2011 at 6:42 pm #

    we just got back from taipei and couldn’t get enough of the soup dumplings from din tai fung. your post reminded me to search for them here and a few placed came up on yelp. let the games begin! 🙂,+tx#find_desc=%22soup+dumplings%22

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