Odd Duck Farm to Trailer

29 Nov

Odd Duck should be on the top three eateries to try on any visitor’s list.  I can’t think of a better place that captures all that is unique about Austin’s dining scene.

Local, sustainable ingredients served out of trailer, this BYOB concept by Bryce Gilmore is an environmental and price conscious foodie’s dream.  Carefully thought out and executed small plates worthy of a five star chef’s tasting menu are served in a pretense-free environment at around the $5 mark.  Combine the farm-to-trailer food focus with the casual atmosphere of college students, young families, and retired couples sharing communal picnic tables in a parking lot, an al fresco meal at Odd Duck is the quintessential Austin experience.

On a recent visit, we sampled grilled local zucchini and eggplant topped with feta ($4),

a rich bowl of soft boiled duck egg over grits with butternut squash and mushrooms ($5),

juicy grilled quail and crunchy apple strips over rice ($6),

and the stacked tall pork belly slider with sweet potato slaw ($6).

We munched down on our tasty small plates as we exchanged conversation and wine with a retired neurobiology professor to our left.  For dessert, we were offered bites of Gourdough’s blue balls (blueberry filled donut holes) from the elementary school aged daughter of a young family to our right.  Sandwiched between experienced fine diners and a foodie-in-training,  I shivered a little in  my jeans and t-shirt as the cool evening breeze blew on this slow paced Austin evening.  This $25 meal goes beyond the exquisite taste of food, it’s about that laid-back atmosphere, the openness of the community, and a shared passion for good, sustainable food.

Odd Duck Farm to Trailer
1219 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704

(Google Map)


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