Guilt and Pleasure at Gourdough’s

2 Nov

Big. Fat. Donuts.

They weren’t kidding.

Our request for the two most popular donuts from the long menu of usual and unusual donuts turned up The Funky Monkey (topped with grilled bananas and cream cheese icing with brown sugar) and The Flying Pig (topped with Maple syrup icing and bacon).  My inner health food freak freaked at the sight of the unapologetic masses of glutton, more sinful than deep fried State Fair fare.  But the temptation of the piping hot, freshly fried rounds of dough was impossible to resist.  No more need to wait for the sign to light up at Krispy Kreme for hot donuts, these are fried to order.  The Funky Monkey was pure decadence between the oozy creme cheese icing and the caramelized grilled bananas, though a touch too sweet for my personal preference.  The Flying Pig takes the sweet and savory combo to dangerously bad breakfast behavior (why choose between a fat, hot donut and perfectly crispy bacon when you can have both, you stud?) The concept is over the top madness, or pure genius?  One thing is for sure, the outlandish donuts at Gourdough’s are perfect fits for the Austin food trailer scene.

Heed my warning though, these are some big ass, hot, freshly fried bases of dough.  If you can resist the descriptions on the menu, try to split one.

1219 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704

(Google Map)


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