Wild Rice Salad with Lime Dressing

1 Aug

Perhaps calling this dish “salad” is misleading.  Between the rice, black beans, and corn, it’s only a salad in the sense that it’s served cold.  In fact, because of all the filling ingredients, wild rice salad with lime dressing would make an excellent vegetarian (vegan in this case) main dish.

Wild Rice Salad with Lime Dressing
(based on recipe from July 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living)

1 cup wild rice
2 fresh poblano peppers, seeds and veins removed and chopped
4oz can diced green chiles, drained
1 cup corn (prefer fresh, but thawed frozen corn or drained canned corn would also work)
15oz can black beans, drained and rinsed
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 scallions, thinly sliced
a handful of freshly chopped cilantro
1/4 cup lime juice
salt and pepper

Cook wild rice according to package directions, adding 2 tsp of salt into the cooking water.

Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.  Add in garlic and cook for 2 minutes, until golden brown.  Add poblanos and cook for 4-5 minutes, until poblanos start to give (turn soft) with the poke of a fork.  Add in corn and cook for 3 more minutes.  Add in wild rice, black beans, and diced green chiles, stirring to mix everything, and cook for 2 more minutes, adding salt and pepper to taste.

Transfer mixture to a large serving bowl.  Cover and let cool in refrigerator for at least an hour.  Stir in scallions, cilantro, and lime juice before serving.

Serves 4-6

3 Responses to “Wild Rice Salad with Lime Dressing”

  1. Margie 08/01/2008 at 6:09 pm #

    I bet this is good. Healthy, too.

    Why is it that I always resist trying things that are good for me? I always think it’s got to be full of fat to be tasty!

  2. foodczar 08/01/2008 at 7:35 pm #

    Donna, you’ve inspired me. For the first time, I did my own recreation of one of your recipes. See what you think.

    I made changes, some by desire, others by laziness (Twice, I forgot the scallions at the store and did not fancy going back out in the 100+ degree heat to get them.) I substituted Rotel for the green chilis, hoping that the tomatoes would not make the dish too acidic. (They didn’t.) I cut down the garlic, elimiated the scallions, and added Baby Bella mushrooms. Also I used pepper but changed the salt to two spices from the Texas Traditions company: Texas Hot Salt and Jalapeno Ranch Dip Mix, the better to accentuate the Southwestern flavors.

    Most important, I served Llano Estacado’s Vinter’s Selection Pinot Grigio with the salad, and the wine’s fruitiness cut the fire of the chilies perfectly. One of the best salads I’ve ever made and one of the best meals I’ve had all summer. Thank you, Donna!!!

  3. donnaaries 08/02/2008 at 8:37 am #

    Wow Czar, that quite the creative spin! And sounds delicious! That’s why I enjoy cooking (and most of my recipes are “based” on something) because I’m usually changing stuff up as I go in the kitchen. Glad you liked it!

    Margie, yes, this is probably one of the healthiest things I’ve made all summer. Which of course is an added plus!

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