Confessions of a Breakfast Skipper

20 Nov

I read studies all the time about how regular breakfast consumption increases morning alertness, decreases risk of obesity, boosts metabolism, and so on and so forth.  I even conducted a small study for my Statistics class this semester about factors affecting Body Mass Index and included regularity of breakfast consumption as one of the factors.  But, like so many people who just can’t seem to find an extra minute in the morning and barely make it to work on time, I am guilty of skipping breakfast.

Since starting full time work some two years ago, my breakfast has consisted of eating a cup of low fat yogurt in my cube within 15 minutes of arriving at work.  It’s not a real breakfast by any means, but eases up my conscience about not eating anything at all the in the morning.  About a year into the yogurt cup breakfast routine, I got bored, seriously bored.  I couldn’t stand to look at another cup of low fat blueberry, peach, or strawberry banana yogurt without completely killing my appetite.

Then I tried spicing things up with yogurt smoothies.  I found the Yoplait Smoothies far too thick for my preference (they should really not classify it as a beverage as it could use an accompanying spoon).  I liked the Dannon Light and Fit drinkable variety, but despite all the flavors featured on the website, I could only find the strawberry banana ones at all my local grocers.  So after a few months, I was sick of drinkable strawberry banana yogurt, too.

This past summer, I got really desperate.  I went to the dark side.  I started eating *gasp* Go-gurt.  The first ever yogurt in a tube, clearly marketed towards children, was one of my favorite topics of ridicule when it first came on the market.  But I was desperate and willing to experiment.  I froze my Go-gurt tubes and ate them as yogurt push-pops on the drive to work, thinking it would be a fun summertime treat.  Yes, I actually ate them on the drive to work instead of while at work due to the feeling of shame.  But after a couple of weeks, I realized that freezing the Go-gurt tubes didn’t help the overpowering sweetness of them.  Furthermore, flavors like Cool Cotton Candy and Cool Punch and Rawberry just didn’t sound very appealing (and to the adult tastebud, didn’t taste that great either).

Things were looking pretty bleak on the yogurt-for-breakfast front.  Then, I discovered the world of Lucerne yogurts. 


Lucerne is the generic brand sold by Safeway stores (Tom Thumb for Dallas folks).  For some reason, Lucerne is doing something that seems so obvious yet done by no other yogurt brand.  They offer lots of flavors (and they’re not combinations of strawberry plus some other fruit)!  With flavors like green tea, green tea mango, passionfruit, orange-pomegranate, and seasonal (limited edition) flavors like pumpkin, chai latte, gingerbread, and caramel apple, my tastebuds are bound to be entertained for at least another few months!  There are more flavors but I can’t remember all of them and Lucerne’s website is not very consumer-friendly.  The only downside to Lucerne yogurts?  It is impossible to get the aluminum foil top off the yogurt cup in one piece.  I have tried so hard, so carefully, with equal pressure on all edges, with endless patience, even while muttering a little prayer, and have failed each and every time.  The annoyance caused by this little pet peeve is best expressed by one blogger here (excess expletives warning).  As much as I am excited by these new flavors, I can totally understand the pain.


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