A Full Weekend of Festivals (with Food)!

24 Sep

If you like festivals and you’re into food, this upcoming weekend (9/28 to 9/30) is going to be a treat for you.

First up, it’s the kickoff weekend for the State Fair of Texas, known to food lovers as a celebration of all things deep fried.  With vendors competing for fried honors such as Best Taste and Most Creative, the State Fair is truly the “Fried Food Capital of Texas.”  New items this year include fried cookie dough, fried latte, fried chili frito burrito, fried banana pudding, fried guacamole bites, fried peach cobbler on a stick, and fried sweet potato pie.  The State Fair is also encouraging vendors to trans-fat-free oils for frying, so you can feel a little (just a little) less guilty about your indulgences.

Second up is the Dallas food event I’m most excited about each year, the Greek Food Festival of Dallas.  The festival features plate lunches and dinners as well as tons of a la carte options, featuring my favorite deep fried invention of all time, loukoumades (Greek honey balls), which I don’t believe are available at the State Fair.  The plated meals are large in serving size, so consider splitting a plate with a friend and purchasing other goodies a la carte to stuff yourself to the max.  The festival also features live music and dancing (Constantine from American Idol will perform Saturday night and Sunday afternoon), cooking demos, and a variety of Greek imports at the marketplace. 

Last and perhaps least well known of the group is the Japanese Fall Festival (Akimatsuri) presented by the Dallas Japanese Association.  Sunday (9/30) from 11:00am to 3:00pm, the festival will feature music and dance performances, martial arts demonstrations, children’s games, cultural booths, raffle prizes, and most importantly, food from local Japanese restaurants (Sushi Sake, Sushi Yama, Royal Tokyo Sushi Den, Ino Japanese Bistro, Teppo, and more).

You can experience Texan, Greek, and Japanese cultures all in one short weekend.  What more can a curious foodie ask for?

4 Responses to “A Full Weekend of Festivals (with Food)!”

  1. hayley 09/24/2007 at 5:06 pm #

    eat a funnel cake or 5 for me! i haven’t had one in years!

  2. donnaaries 09/30/2007 at 4:01 pm #

    Wow it was crowded at the Japanese Fall Festival! I hope they continue this celebration. The food vendors were not prepared for such a large crowd and many ran out of food a couple of hours into the festival. Most interesting item I sampled today: tokoyaki, squid dumplings from the Sushi Sake booth. Weird but tasty.

  3. kuidaore 11/08/2007 at 11:41 pm #

    Takoyaki is an octopus (not squid) dumpling or ball. I had it at the fall festival a couple of years ago, and it was NOT really takoyaki and outrageously priced. The real takoyaki doesn’t taste like that (they should’ve let me cook!) and in Japan you can get a dozen for the price you pay for 3 at the festival here!!

    I wish I knew about the Greek festival. The best dolma I’ve ever had was at a Greek festival in San Jose, CA.

  4. donnaaries 11/08/2007 at 11:53 pm #

    Ok Kuidaore, we’re definitely doing a potluck sometime so you can show me how these things are supposed to taste.

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