CrossRoads Winery (Frisco, TX)

17 Sep

Let’s kick off The Wine Trail close to home.  A couple of weekends ago, my better half got the itch for a relaxing drive on the open road.  I whipped out my handy dandy TWGGA wineries brochure (the updated 2007 version even has a section for tasting notes) and mapped out a wine tasting day trip.  Our first stop was CrossRoads Winery in Frisco (not to be confused with the CrossRoads Winery in New Zealand). 

This was our third visit to CrossRoads, a boutique winery in an unlikely place, a warehouse building just a few miles west of the primary developments in Frisco.  Though not much to look at from the outside, CrossRoads is always a favorite visit of mine because of proximity to home, selection of great wines, and presence of one of the friendliest winemakers around.

John Otis (the winemaker) and his wife Monica opened this operation in 2005.  Though the winery is young, John is no amateur when it comes to winemaking.  He has been volunteering at a winery in Oregon (along with two of his buddies) for over 10 years, learning the process and techniques first hand.  In addition to the offerings under the CrossRoads label, John sells a couple of wines from Oregon, including Three Clowns, a Cab/Merlot blend that John and his buddies make while working in Oregon (far left in photo).  Ask John how they came up with the name Three Clowns and you’re in for an entertaining story.


I can honestly say that every single wine from CrossRoads is worthwhile (and no, I won’t be saying that about every single Texas wine on this trail).  Being primarily a red wine drinker, my favorites are the CSM (a Cab/Syrah/Merlot blend), Ryan’s Choice Syrah, and the Three Clowns (though not technically a CrossRoads wine).  You’ll notice that John doesn’t hurry his wines.  The reds are deep and smooth without the acidic bite of under-oaked and under-aged wines.  CrossRoads also produces a white port called Pearl, made from 100% muscat grapes, that I love to sip on as a post-dinner summer treat.

CrossRoads wines are available at a few retailers in the north Texas area and a couple of restaurants in Frisco and McKinney.  On this last visit to CrossRoads, John and I found out that we live in adjacent neighborhoods and he informed me that the neighborhood market carries his wines (saving me the drive to Frisco).  If you’re unfamiliar with the label, however, a trip to the Tasting Room in Frisco is highly recommended.  You’ll get to taste all the wines to find your favorite(s) and chat it up with the friendly winemaker.

CrossRoads Winery
15222 Kings Rd #301
Frisco, TX 75034

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