This is No Sleepy Suburban Bar & Grill (Stan’s Lakeview Taphouse & Grill)

18 Jul

Ahh The Colony, the sleepiest of the northern bedroom communities, skipped by most commercial developers who go just east to Frisco, fastest growing city in Texas, while the rest go just west to the already well-established community of Lewisville.  You wouldn’t expect much from dining options in The Colony,  just as I wasn’t expecting much when I pulled into the parking lot of Stan’s Lakeview Taphouse & Grill.

Sharing a parking lot with a popular Mexican restaurant on Main St just south of The Colony Blvd, this establishment is brought to us by the same Stan of Stan’s Blue Note on Lower Greenville, a bar in a hipper, younger neighborhood known for its selection of over 100 types of bottled beer and 50 draughts.  Where Stan’s Blue Note is primarily a drinking spot with food for munchies, Stan’s Lakeview is mostly a restaurant with a decent beer selection (20 on tap and twice that in bottles) and a great view.

The back patio of Stan’s Lakeview looks onto Lake Lewisville and often features live music on weekends.  Open daily until 2:00 am, this bar and grill isn’t your suburban Applebee’s.  Granted, the beer selection is no Flying Saucer, but the combination of late hours, live music, great scenery, and an above average variety of brew makes Stan’s a surprising but welcomed spot in the otherwise bland suburb of The Colony.  On top of all that, Stan’s Lakehouse is a family-friendly restaurant.  Most of the other diners there for this Sunday evening dinner were young families, returning from a day of fun on the lake or meeting up with another family for a casual dinner.  You can get a pint of an import draft, enjoy the patio, and not worry about people eyeballing you because your toddler is running around in circles on the patio.  The inside dining room features signs for domestic and international beers adorning the walls and a big screen TV for the sports fans.  In short, Stan’s Lakehouse is a perfect casual weekend spot for the young family.  For all the parents out there who want a bit of hipness outside their masterplanned communities without having to call a babysitter, get dressed up, and drive 20 miles downtown for an entire night out, Stan’s is the answer.  Have your beer, watch your game, chat it up with your friends over a gorgeous sunset on the patio, listen to some live music, and pacify junior when he runs and trips, too.

Oh and the food isn’t half bad either.  On this visit we sampled the bacon cheeseburger and the combo catfish/shrimp platter with a pint of Blue Moon.

Very decent burger, nicely seasoned fries, catfish and shrimp had batter very similar to that at Aw Shucks/Big Shucks, and a side of canned corn.  It’s not fantastic, mind-blowing food.  It’s a bar and grill that serves up good food and an even better atmosphere.  For the same price as Chili’s or Applebee’s, I’d pick Stan’s Lakeview Taphouse & Grill any day.  Young suburban moms and dads dying to be less square, you’ve been informed.

Rating: 3 /5

Stan’s Lakeview Taphouse & Grill
4847 Main St.
The Colony, TX 75056

One additional note: According to Guidelive, the chili here won the “21st Annual World Chili Cookoff.”  I couldn’t verify the information via a simple Google search, but will probably give the chili a try on my next visit.

2 Responses to “This is No Sleepy Suburban Bar & Grill (Stan’s Lakeview Taphouse & Grill)”

  1. donnaaries 07/20/2007 at 1:09 pm #

    Apparently this little review has incited quiet the discussion over at

  2. beardking 07/22/2007 at 1:48 am #

    You asked on for other restaurants in The Colony that might be worth reviewing. My suggestion is Tony’s Italian Restaurant (not sure that’s EXACTLY the right name, but it’s close enough) next to Radio Shack on 121 (Home Depot parking lot). EXCELLENT food and service.

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