Colorado Franchise Comes to Houston: The Egg and I

4 Jul

On another recent trip to Houston (I know, I’m there so much I might as well start a whole section on Houston Restaurant Reviews), I had the pleasure of dining at The Egg and I in The Woodlands for breakfast.  This franchise has a couple dozen locations in Colorado and one each in Wyoming and Utah.  Then the franchise made a geographic jump and opened their first Texas location in The Woodlands (additional location in Tomball coming soon).  Open only for breakfast and lunch, The Egg and I focuses its efforts on serving high quality, familiar dishes in a casual atmosphere.  In other words, if I were to recreate the entire Denny’s chain without the grease overdose, questionable late night diners, and waitresses with attitudes, I would end up with one of these.


Following its name, The Egg and I’s breakfast menu offers a large egg selection.  Eggs benedict, egg skillets, crepe eggs, southwestern egg entrees (huevos rancheros and such), frittatas, omelettes, and scrambles fill the large menu along with other traditional breakfast items like waffles, pancakes, French toast, and a “light options” section for those watching their calorie intake.

On this particular morning, I picked the Traffic Jam Crepe Egg: fresh spinach, diced bacon, portabello mushrooms, roma tomatoes, and creamy havarti dill cheese in an egg crepe served with potatoes, an English muffin, and hollandaise sauce.


You definitely can’t get this at Denny’s or IHOP.  Even though the portion size was large, it wasn’t ridiculously so like at your typical breakfast diner.  The egg crepe was thin and lightly salted, but the flavors exploded when you bit into the filled pocket full of delicious fresh veggies and large chunks of bacon.  I usually dread going to a place like Denny’s or IHOP because I have to order off the kid’s menu or only eat half of my entree, but either way I would still get a grease hangover for a couple of hours afterwards.  This crepe dish at The Egg and I wasn’t completely grease-free, but just enough so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed after I ate my whole plate, and I did eat the entire thing.

My partner, the French toast lover, couldn’t deviate from his core desire.


Two slices of crunchy French toast (and yes they actually use day old French bread, not regular sliced white) with two strips of thick cut bacon and two eggs.  It was as tasty as it looks and received a winning vote from the French toast enthusiast.

The Egg and I is filling a spot that many suburbs are missing: a casual, family-friendly breakfast spot that has better atmosphere and less grease than your average chain breakfast joint.  The prices are no higher than at other breakfast chains.  I would definitely visit The Egg and I on a semi-regular basis (I’m not a huge breakfast person) if it were to open here in the Dallas area.  The franchise would fare well in many of the affluent suburbs that lack good, family-runned breakfast cafes and diners (which is… all of them?).  Right now my default suburb breakfast place is Tin Star, but that may change if The Egg and I were to come to town.

The Egg and I
1644 Research Forest Dr.
The Woodlands, TX 77381

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