The Sprinkles Frenzy

4 Apr

Sprinkles, the Beverly Hills cupcake boutique, opened its doors in Dallas last Monday.  Yes, I did just call it a cupcake boutique.  What else would it be called at $3.25 per cupcake?  DFW is certainly no stranger to high priced sweets, with Plano being the home of the world’s most expensive chocolates, NoKa.  Can another luxury high-calorie commodity like cupcakes survive?  Judging by the insane lines outside the newly opened Sprinkles store (expect waits up to two hours), the answer is yes.

So what is the craze about?  The most common rave I hear about Sprinkles is that they are Oprah’s favorite cupcakes.  If they’re good enough for Oprah, they should be good enough for me, right?  Well, I’m not exactly in the same income tax bracket as Oprah, but I was fortunate enough to have a sweet friend who brought me two dozen of these treats for my birthday (after waiting in line for more than an hour).  Here’s my two cents on Sprinkles’ $3.25 “designer” baked goods.


We had 8 different flavors at the birthday party: black & white, dark chocolate, red velvet, vanilla, chai latte, lemon coconut, pumpkin, and strawberry (3 of each flavor).  The cupcakes are about average size with plenty of icing.  In fact, maybe it’s a little too much icing.  They have an attractive round shape (round and stout) and when lined up neatly in the box, the uniformity is charmingly cute.  Thus far I have tried four flavors, dark chocolate, vanilla, chai latte, and pumpkin.  With the thick layer of icing on the cupcake, I find the naturally less sweet flavors (chai latte and pumpkin) more appealing than the sweeter ones.  The cupcakes are so rich that for me, it is impossible to eat more than one in one sitting.  With richer flavors like vanilla, it’s hard to even eat a whole one in one sitting.  It’s a good cupcake, but I can’t seem to find anything to justify the $3.25/cupcake price tag.  They’re definitely better than the cupcakes at your local grocer bakery (icing does not have that artificial pasty taste or texture), but they are also about 10 times more expensive.  Out of the four flavors I’ve tried, chai latte is currently the favorite.  It tastes exactly like the Starbucks chai latte, and that almost justifies the $3.25 pricetag since a cup of the stuff at Starbucks will cost about the same (even more if you want soy milk substitute).

Nonetheless, the cupcakes were a crowd pleaser.  We managed to finish 14 cupcakes among the dozen guests at the party.  But now, I have the ultimate dilemma.  I have $32 worth of cupcakes leftover in my fridge and swimsuit season just around the corner…

Sprinkles Cupcakes
4020 Villanova Dr.
Dallas, TX 75225


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