Try Again in Northern Carrollton (Italian Villa)

6 Mar

The paperwork on the house is signed. I’m moving to northern Carrollton in mid-May.

For those who have kept up, I’ve been on a search for a trusty neighborhood favorite in the northern Carrollton area, some place casual but satisfying that I can regularly visit when I don’t feel like cooking. So far, Goodfella’s has been a little disappointing but Mena’s has provided solid Tex-Mex (although Mena’s is still a little far to be considered the trusty neighborhood fave). This time, we tried Italian Villa in a strip mall at the northwest corner of Old Denton and Hebron, definitely close to my soon-to-be home.

Italian Villa’s warm ambiance is casual. On a weekend lunch, the place is about half full. The menu is 4 pages of all the regular Italian features (pizza, pastas, subs, with a few house specialties) plus a page for lunch specials starting at $5.95. Prompt service brought complimentary bread and butter with our drinks. The bread was stale and crusty, not in a delightfully chewy French loaf kind of way but in a “I think this bread sat under the heat lamp to keep warm too long” kind of way.

Among the 5 of us, we sampled quite a range of dishes, whose taste and quality also ranged. At the better end were the Eggplant Parmesan and Chicken Murphy. I didn’t expect much from the Chicken Murphy dish since its name completely lacks any hint of Italian-ness, but the tender chicken breasts in a creamy tomato-jalapeno sauce was fiery and smooth at the same time, and perhaps the best dish out of the five.

Eggplant Parmesan:


Chicken Murphy:


In the middle of the pack were the Beef Ravioli (my choice) and Chicken Marsala. You have a choice of either cheese or ground beef filling for your ravioli entree. I became a little concerned when I asked the waiter whether it was four-cheese ravioli, and he responded “you get either cheese or meat.” I ordered the ground beef version with a sense of unease, but I shouldn’t have worried because the large, piping hot raviolis were a delight. My only complaint is that the marinara sauce had an uncanny resemblance to canned tomato sauce. Chicken Marsala endured the same complaint. The chicken and mushrooms were tender and done just right, but the sauce was a bit bland.

Beef Ravioli:


Chicken Marsala:


At the bottom was the cheese tortellini. This dish was just so bland and uninteresting. Just a few sprinkles of freshly ground black pepper or some fresh chopped up herbs would have made this more edible.

Cheese Tortellini:


With the lunch specials ranging from $5.95 to $7.95, you can’t really expect Italian Villa to be cranking out dishes comparable to the more dressed up Italian places. The dishes are hit and miss, but I think there’s potential to discover a few trusty favorites. I’m likely to give it another chance, but I’m really hoping they improve the stale bread situation.

Rating: 3 / 5

Italian Villa
1012 W Hebron Pkwy
Carrollton, TX 75010


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