The Letter of the Season is “P”

27 Nov

Typically, I think of summer as the season with the best selection of fruits as many familiar and exotic varieties come into season.  However, right now is actually a great time to get acquainted with two marvelous selections in season for late fall/early winter, pomegranates and persimmons.

If your only experience with the pomegranate is in the form of a pom martini, you should definitely try the fruit in its fresh state.  I tend to make a juicy mess when eating a pomegranate, so make sure you wear a shirt that you don’t mind staining (here are some directions as to how to open one neatly, but I almost enjoy the association of eating pomegranates and making a mess).  You can eat juicy sweet, slightly tangy little seeds with or without the crunchy center part.  I prefer without, but it’s easier to pop the whole thing in your mouth.


Persimmons, thankfully, are much easier than pomegranates. Some people prefer to eat them with skin while they’re crunchy. I prefer to wait until they’re slightly soft when poked and without skin. I cut off the top (to get rid of the hard leaves) and cut it into wedges. Then I eat the fleshy juicy interior like I would a fresh mango, separating the flesh from the skin. Ripened persimmons have a soft sweet flavor that is reminiscent of a date, but milder, and the juicy texture of a mango. Yum!



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