Chicken Fried Steak at Barbec’s

17 Nov

This week is the first week of playoff games for my beer league softball team.  For some reason, we played at Norbuck Park by White Rock Lake instead of our usual fields at Churchill Park at I-635 and Hillcrest.  I knew I would be starving after the game ended at 7:30pm and would be in no mood to drive 20 miles home and cook dinner.  So I made dinner plans with a couple of friends who lived in the eastern parts.  The challenge was finding a restaurant close to White Rock Lake that was sweat pant/hoodie suitable (as I was a snotty mess after playing in the 38 degree weather).  After doing a little research, I decided on meeting at Barbec’s, an east Dallas joint most famous for their breakfast, for some traditional diner food.

As I pulled into Barbec’s parking lot, a banner sign advertising “Mon-Thu, 6:00-9:00pm, Buy 1 Chicken Fried Steak and Get Another for $1.99” set my dinner choice.  In fact, both of us who ordered the chicken fried steak chose green beans and black eyed peas for the sides.  The other friend, being vegan, ordered a veggie burger.

DallasFood’s recent series of detailed articles on the hunt for the best chicken fried steak in Dallas gave Barbec’s version a B-.  I would agree with that assessment.  The chicken fried steak was tender and had a crunchy batter that stayed in tact when you cut it, but the flavor was a bit bland.  I enjoyed the floury texture of the country gravy that topped it (not watery or congealed as in many other places), but the gravy could’ve used a dash of black pepper.  The green beans and black eyed peas were both cooked with plenty of onion and bacon to give it flavor, but were both too salty.  The biscuits that came with the meal were sweet and cakey, but not dense.  Though very different from the traditional texture of biscuits, they were full of buttery rich flavor and no additional butter was needed.  I was a fan.

I don’t normally like banana flavored anything, but the banana pudding we had for dessert was excellent (recommended by our waitress because it was just made that afternoon).  The veggie burger received no complaints, then again, aren’t they all of the frozen Boca/Garden Burger variety?

Barbec’s serves up decent diner food at very fair prices.  Even though I prefer the chicken fried steak at Kelly’s Eastside in downtown Plano, the weeknight deal (comes out to be $9 for 2 chicken fried steak entrees) is hard to beat.  Barbec’s also has that old school diner charm, complete with the waitress who is friendly but opinionated.

Oh, my team won our first playoff game!  Go Team I’d Hit That!

Rating: 3 / 5

8949 Garland Rd
Dallas, TX 75218

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