I Can’t Believe It’s a Frozen Dinner

30 Oct

It’s better to eat fresh, but if you’re feeling really lazy or need something super quick and you’re resorting to frozen dinners, let me recommend the Blue Ginger line by Chef Ming Tsai.  Named after his restaurant in Wellesley, Massachusetts, the line is a series of pan-Asian entrees in a bowl.  Unlike most microwavable meals where the vegetables are soggy and off-color and the meats have oddly unnatural textures, the calorie-friendly Blue Ginger bowls come with a medley of colorful crisp vegetables and all the sauce flavors are right on (not too intense, not too bland).  I love the line so much that I wrote in to suggest the line to the Lunch Ladies at the Dallas Morning News.  And they loved Blue Ginger, too!  My favorite bowls are the Beef & Shiitake Rice Bowl and the Tropical Curry Vegetable Bowl.  Blue Ginger is only available at Super Target and select Target stores.  They’ve recently expanded the line to include even more entree choices, so now you have to try it!

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