Not Exactly Red Hot BBQ at Red, Hot, and Blue

20 Oct

As much as I enjoy Texas BBQ, I have to say my all-time BBQ favorite is still a pulled pork shoulder sandwich, sopped in sweet, slightly spicy, and tomatoey BBQ sauce on a roll (slaw on the side, please).  I have frequent trips to Memphis during the high school years to thank for that.  But a pulled pork sandwich is hard to come by in Texas, it’s cattle country and it’s all about brisket. 

Not knowing where else to satisfy my craving in the DFW area (if you do, please leave suggestions via comments),  I gave the chain Red, Hot, and Blue a shot for lunch today.  Red, Hot, and Blue calls itself Memphis style BBQ (and the emphasis on pig in their catering hotline number, 1-877-Pull-Pork, certainly affirms that), but there are currently no locations in Tennessee.  The menu is also much more diverse than typical Memphis BBQ, including items like catfish, meatloaf, and chicken tenders.  In short, my expectations were pretty low.

But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  The sausage and cheese appetizer plate served up some surprisingly good smokey sausage.  Crisp casing that breaks when you sink your teeth into it with a very smokey filling, not overly greasy, this was pretty decent sausage by all standards!  My lunch, the pulled pork sandwich, slaw on the side, wasn’t exactly reminiscent of the legendary stuff in Memphis, but it did have plenty of smokey flavor.  The pork was a bit on the dry side, it needed to be drowned in the BBQ sauce (I tried mild, which was ok, but lacked depth) to get sufficient moisture.  There are several kinds of BBQ choice to choose from ranging from sweet to North Carolina vinegary to mild to hot, something to suit every preference.

With friendly and quick service during a weekday lunch hour, this wasn’t BBQ perfection but it did satisfy a craving.

Rating: 3 / 5

Red, Hot, and Blue (multiple locations throughout DFW)
5017 W. Plano Pkwy #100
Plano, TX 75093

One Response to “Not Exactly Red Hot BBQ at Red, Hot, and Blue”

  1. donnaaries 10/12/2007 at 7:20 am #

    I’ve been to Red, Hot, and Blue a few more times since this review. The pulled pork sandwich continues to be one of the better meat items on the menu (and is usually a little on the dry side). The brisket is hit and miss. I’ve had some excellent brisket as well as lots of dry, tougher pieces.

    The one thing I always enjoy is the extra eggy potato salad. It’s probably my favorite potato salad of any restaurant.

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