Upscale Bar Food at Champps Americana

20 Sep

I don’t understand the concept behind Champps.  It’s a sports bar, but the food is way too expensive for a place to sip beer and watch the game ($9 for a tuna melt? At that price I’m expecting some unique locally made aged cheddar or something).  Sure, the decor is classier than most sports bar places and service is very attentive and there’s complimentary valet parking (at the Addison location), but a sports bar is a sports bar.  Maybe Champps is catering to the executive and upper crust crowd who don’t want to mingle with the rowdy “rest of us” crowd during a sporting event (but isn’t that what the sports bar atmosphere is all about?)

I will give credit to Champps for upkeeping a very classy appearance with the sports bar theme.  There are plenty of plasma-screen TV’s, the seating is all dark-wood pub style, there’s a large open patio and an enclosed closed patio room, polished light fixtures, and 2-inch wood blinds.  Both the drink menu and the food menu offer great variety (ranging from steamed Shanghai dumplings to peppercorn-crusted chicken to gyro sandwiches, although one does tend to question the quality of Chinese or Greek food at a sports grill).  So if you’re with a picky crowd, they probably have something for everyone.  I’ve had the chance to go to Champps a few times now, and have never been impressed by anything I’ve tried (potato skins, cheese sticks, Mongolian eggrolls, chicken lettuce wraps, Reuben, French onion soup…)  The food isn’t bad, it’s just not great.  It’s the quality of food you would expect from a sports grill, but at a slightly higher price than you were expecting.

At Champps, you’re definitely paying for atmosphere, not food.  I would come with a large group for a game watching party, but probably wouldn’t frequent Champps just for dinner.  But hey, at least they have Shiner on tap.

Rating: 2 / 5

Champps Americana
4951 Beltline Rd
Dallas, TX 75254 

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