Pizza with Attitude at Angelo & Vito’s

17 Sep

01-02-2008 Update: Downhill alert!  The last two visits to Angelo & Vito’s presented completely empty pizza display cases, uncleaned tables, and a generally chaotic setting.  I’m not sure if there’s been some change in ownership/management, but I’m downgrading Angelo & Vito’s after two visits of slow service (no pizza by the slice ready) and generally unpleasant, disorganized atmosphere. 


Before I begin this review I have to put up a disclaimer: I’m no expert on New York style pizza having never lived anywhere near NYC.  All I know is that a New York style pizza should have a thin, flexible crust.

So this is my Sunday ritual, something I’ve done since college.  Run/play racquetball/spin/kick-box/rock climb until I’m completely breathless, drenched in sweat, and so ridiculous hungry, then head out and stuff my face with something that I would normally consider unhealthy/too greasy.  In college, it was always breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana.  Today, it was pizza at Angelo & Vito’s

One of my local favorites for New York style pizza is Angelo & Vito’s.  The decor is rustic with stone and dark wood accents, and sports is always on TV (usually a New York team, of course). 


The decor at Angelo & Vito’s is all about attitude, but the service is not.  Service is always friendly and helpful, despite what the humorous signs may convey.



We decided on a large (14″) Hot Hawaiian, white garlic alfredo sauce with Canadian bacon, pineapple, bacon, BBQ chicken, and jalapenos.  They’re all toppings I like, but before today I’d never had it all on the same pizza before.  We also ordered two Hank’s sodas to go with lunch, one vanilla cream and the other orange cream.  I like Jones soda better but Hank’s was still very satisfying.


There it was, a giant, floppy, thin-crusted cheesy gooegy pie of messy but wonderful flavors.  I could have used fewer jalapenos but it was no trouble picking a few off.  Quality toppings is what makes a pizza.  In this case, I was very pleased with the fresh and plentiful toppings.

Angelo & Vito’s also sells a variety (which changes daily) of pizza by the slice.  I look forward to coming back to this neighborhood joint to try other types like the Florentine (fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, black olives, and Feta cheese) and even the basic margherita.

Rating: 2  / 5

Angelo & Vito’s
4520 Frankford Rd #400
Dallas, TX 75287

2 Responses to “Pizza with Attitude at Angelo & Vito’s”

  1. donnaaries 07/30/2007 at 3:24 pm #

    I returned to Angelo & Vito’s for another Sunday dinner after moving away and not being able to visit as regularly. I’m not sure what’s going on (perhaps just an off night) but service was EXTREMELY slow and there were NO pizza by the slice ready when we arrived at 7:00pm. When I finally got my pasta (45 minutes later), it was excellent (baked ziti with meatballs). But you can’t expect a place to survive with service that slow. I know they were busy, but com’on. I hope it was just an off night.

    Side note: the light Italian dressing at Angelo & Vito’s is heavenly.

  2. donnaaries 01/02/2008 at 7:43 pm #

    Tonight’s visit to Angelo & Vito’s again presented empty pizza cases and general chaos. I’m disappointed to say what used to be a neighborhood favorite is now being cut out of the routine. I’ve also downgraded the restaurant rating accordingly.

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