Indo-Chinese at Masala Wok

8 Sep

I like the concept of Masala Wok, fast food Indian/Indo-Chinese.  I like the interior of Masala Wok as well, modern furnishings and track lighting reminds me more of a Pei Wei than a traditional Indian restaurant.  The routine is even the same as Pei Wei, walk up to the counter to order from their many menu options and sit and wait for your order to arrive at your table.  I tried the chicken masala tikka and my companion (who recently became a vegetarian and was glad to be in a vegetarian friendly restaurant) ordered the malai kofta (each entree $8).  Both entrees were served with nan and rice.

Service was fast.  As soon as we sat down from getting our drinks, the food came out.  I wouldn’t rank either entree as the best Indian food I’ve ever had, it was ok, good enough to satisfy an Indian food itch.  I couldn’t finish my chicken entree as there was just a lot of chicken for the amount of rice and nan you received.  It is worth noting that all the ingredients were good quality (white meat chicken, fresh tasting vegetables, etc).  I don’t think the food itself is what makes Masala Wok such a successful concept, rather, it’s the speedy service and affordability in a clean, modern environment.  In short, a great place for lunch.  I think I would probably come back, not because the food was particularly impressive, but if you’re pinched for time and you want a little variety in your lunch hour, this definitely isn’t a bad idea.  And next time I’ll try something off of the Indo-Chinese side of the menu rather than the traditional Indian.

Rating: 3 / 5

Masala Wok
1310 W. Campbell Rd, Suite 110
Richardson, TX 75080

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